Tuesday, June 17, 2008

World Championships Preview

Tomorrow afternoon i have my flight planned for the Danish Capital and the awaiting Barista World Championships.
What can we expect?
A lot! Of course. It's not only Barista Championship, but also Latte Art, Good Spirits, Cup Tasting and, new, Ibrik Championship. It's also a big Fare, seminars, classes and party's for coffee lovers.
And good espresso in the town of all these formers world Champions like Klaus Thomsen, the man i'm hoping to meet at Coffee Collective Roastery/shop for the Daterra coffee class Wednesday eve.

I won't be in Copenhagen for the full period, but I am hoping to meet and greet a lot of people and catch some of the competition the first two days.
On the Barista front i expect a lot of single estate coffee's in competition, less spectacular art patterns on the cappuccino's and left and right simultaneous spro or 4 shots of espresso pulled (almost) at the same time. Generally the things we saw at the US Championships last month.
That's also why the US Champ Kyle Glanville is my main favourite. Together with him i expect in the finals on Sunday : David Makin (Australia), Stephen Morrissey (Ireland), Sören Markussen (Denmark), Daniel Remheden (Sweden) and - top tip from Peter Deprez - Salvador Benitez Espinosa (Mexico). Wait and See.

For the during of the Championship you can follow this blog with reviews and updates from your host Bergami.

And to end and to inform all those people who wonder what this Championship is all about i copy you the mission statements :

  1. To promote the growth, excellence & recognition in the Barista profession.
  2. To grow the Barista's knowledge of and expertise in, the preparation and serving of specialty, espresso coffee through competitions.
  3. To promote the knowledge and consumption of specialty coffee to the consumer through the Barista.
  4. To become globally recognised as the premier World Barista Event in the coffee calendar.
Maybe we even meet up in Copenhagen.

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