Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jeff is Worlds best Aeropresser 2011

TEAM SAUSAGE! with from L to R : Valentine, (newest member) Simon S, Simon B, Charlene, Thomas, Jeff, Isabelle, Bert and me. (Roeland and others were absent)
What started as a joke, became an unbeatable force (day and night).

The coffee : Kenya Thunguri (roasted by the master himself, with the help of Roeland and Bird)

The recipe : Take 17 grams of coarse grind. The Kenya was a 6 day old roast.
Grind directly into the Aeropress (of course with rinsed paper filter).
Add a bit of 78 degrees warm water for the blooming (yes that's not hot at all).
After 20" pour very slowly the rest of your water.
Keep it gently dripping for 40".
Then gently press until cup has 18cl of filtered coffee (yes, a lot of water stays in the press).
We also press in a non heated cup for extra cooling and a little extra acidity.

The general idea of this method is to enhance sweetness and balance acidity.
The cup got extra mouthfeel because of the semi hot filtered water and the gentle handling. Certainly avoid pushing through all the water cause this will give you a lot of bitterness in the cup. This coffee is very subtle because of its nature and the way of roasting, so it needs to be treated the same way.

Watch out, every coffee may react different on this technique ; we only thought this recipe was great for the Thunguri, and so did the judges.

Good luck,
(thanks to thuisbarista for the great photo)