Friday, June 6, 2008

Training for the WBC

Tonight was a good time for the Belgian Barista and Latte Art participants to train for a live audience and jury.
I was there as a 'taste' judge and adviser for the verbal performance.

First session of Detlev Battiau : a bit hasty and nervous of course, but general feel was ok.
Espresso's : Problems ; acidity of Sidamo and Tarrazu are coming trough way too strong. It was sticking at the sides of the tongue from the first second on till the aftertaste.
Cappuccino's : Too cold, not sweet enough, half finished drawings.
Sig drink : nice although a bit too complex to follow. It's not easy being a judge and pay attention to all those small words and details.

Second session of Detlev after evaluation : he took a couple more seconds in his introduction to make a stronger first impression. Good.
Espresso's : Bravo. Full taste, sweeter and the Colombia San Augustin doing the job better. The crema didn't look perfect, but the taste was a 5 for me.
Cappuccino's : Different milk this time and good balance. Warmer and a very sticky and nice microfoam. Good contrast and heart shaped pattern. Well done Detlev.
Sig Drink : This is his specialty, although verbal part could be a tad more spectacular, although i'm sure in two weeks it will be spot on.

General impression is ok. He struggled technically in his second session, but with longer extractions, sweeter and hotter milk and a more positive body language it all came out fine. It looks like he can score high in Copenhagen.
Good luck Detlev.

Also our Latte Art Champ Peter Hernout was there to do two 8-minute run troughs.
Every shot looked spot on. Nice glossy and sweet milk and ok patterns.
On the photo you can see him working on a lovely signature drink, with on his side Detlev, his trainer and last year Champion Peter Deprez and Peter D's father.
Good luck Peter.

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