Thursday, June 19, 2008

Copenhagen WBC Day 1

Today it all started with the first round of the Barista Championship. 52 country's are sending a representative this year. That's a new record!
And Coffee In Good Spirits. I didn't find out who won this competition yet, sorry.

For the Barista part i don't have a lot of information either. What i saw live was nothing spectacular, but online i saw the Canadian, Michael Yung, with an excellent performance. A blend with Daterra and Yirgacheffe, Anfim Grinder, very nice system with wooden box to hide empty and dirty materials, cappuccino's at the judges table, good verbal presentation, very clean workstation and a sig drink with not only espresso but also vac pot coffee. Yes!! This can be the first finalist.
Markussen for Denmark looked a bit too nervous ; even in his speciality, the latte art, he didn't show a lot of confidence.
Of course, the taste is still the most important element and that i can't see.

At the fare floor i was stunned by the new Dalla Corte (DC Pro) and Kees Van Der Westen (Speed ster). And I was very happy with new steamtips for my Faema ; it was about time.

More stand were very learnful, not at least those from the Latin American country's promoting their specialty beans.
The best cup i had was at the El Salvador boot, where Luis Rodriguez gave me this superb coffee you can see on the photo. Yum.

More news from the Belgian guys and other tomorrow. Ciao.

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