Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Copenhagen WBC Day -1

Hello everybody.
Sitting in my poor and disappointing hotel room writing you about tonight from the most important coffee city in the world - at least for this week.
My internet connection is only small band, but the Jacobsen Saaz Blond beer on the table makes up a lot.

I spent most of the night at the Coffee Collective for this very interesting 'Meet The Farmers' Daterra Lecture.

I read and published more articles about it, but hearing it all out of the mouth of Isabela Pascual and Andreza Marzarao (nice exotic names) and with the help of their slide show makes it all way easier to understand and remember. They were the perfect representative for this famous Brazilian Cerrado Coffee Power Station.
More about the specifics of the Daterra coffee in the future.

I was happy to have a short talk with Klaus, Casper and Peter about their Coffee Collective project, the upcoming WBC, Daterra, Blending, Roasting and the coffee scene in general. Yes, a whole lot in a short period, but i have the feeling we can keep on talking for days about all this.

The shop/roastery is a whole lot smaller than i expected, and on a strange location. On one hand it's nice, this small town feel, but on the other hand it's a pity they can not reach a wider audience via their espresso bar, although this probably isn't their main objective. That's roasting great coffee and for sure this company is one of a kind doing so. Company's like this one give me perfect nouriture for the further development of my own Caffenation project in the upcoming months and years.
I'm already hungrily waiting for their opinion about our newest House Blend. Hopefully next week some first results.

Walking back to my hotel room at Osterport i stopped for a quick shot of caffeine at the Kaffe Plantagen espresso bar at Sankt Hans Torv. My buds were tasting the same aromatics as at the Moderna Museum in Stockholm and surprise surprise, the coffee came also from a coffee company from Barcelona. The espresso was way too large and a tad too old and astringent (?) though. But nice Barista and bar anyhow.

That's it for today.
And remember : hapiness is a warm puck.

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