Friday, June 20, 2008

Copenhagen WBC Day 2

The day started off with the Latte Art Competition.
Peter Hernout was fighting to do better than last year's 7th place.
And i expected him to do so, till...... he dropped his pitcher. Yes, it never happened before, and it will never happen again, but today .... 'BANG'. So, he had to redo his cappuccino's, confidence lost, one minute overtime and bye bye dreams. I don't know the final points yet, but with so many highly competitive Barista's in the field it looks like it's all lost. Bad luck.
Later on I saw Onno from the Netherlands doing great. No risks and no special show, but good points and probably in the final round.

This year you have every time 2 Barista's doing their show at the same time. And with a little help from host Manu Demets the show was guaranteed. Nice.

In between i saw the new Simonelli Aurelia running. Great soft infusion machine. And their Mythos grinder. Super fast and accurate. It looks like this company doing a great job to take their piece of the cake. And maybe next year as the official WBC machine.....??

Then Day two for the Barista Championship and my friend Detlev to kick off the show.
Brilliant! His best performance ever. You would never tell this was his first WBC appearance. Finals are probably a bridge too far, but definitely a whole of points.

A bit later we saw a good performance by David Makin from Australia.
And then by one o'clock it was time for the United States of America and Kyle Glanville. I was sipping this fantastic Santa Teresa at the Panama booth and talking with Maria Luisa Berard when she told me Kyle had these same beans in his blend. So we went together to enjoy the show. Once in I was flanked perfectly by Detlev on the left and Tim (Wendelboe) on the right.
15 minutes with no 'his' or 'uh' and a nice style and sig drinks all prepared individually at the judges table. I'll eat my hat if this man doesn't make the finals on Sunday.

Last stop this afternoon was not at the WBC but at the Estate shop. I remember really well the first time i was there drinking my first ever Clover coffee and that's what I did again today. La Minita on Clover with a brownie and cream on the side. Top!

Tonight i have this Kontra-Dalla Corte party down the street and tomorrow the first flight back home.
I hope you enjoyed my reports and don't forget to follow the live stream this Sunday for the finals. And for nice photo's ''.
(bedankt Jeroen voor de foto van Peter)

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