Sunday, June 15, 2008

Caffenation Customers Signature Drink

For our 5 years existence we asked the customers to invent coffee drinks, comparable to the signature drink at Barista competitions. So, based on coffee and without alcohol.

At Friday 13th we had our 5 nominees entering the competition, together with their fan club and Caffenation Staff.
So all together 25 people having a fun eve with great coffee. At least, that was the idea.

Patrick, the man on the photo, came in first with his 'Orange Truffle Mocha'.
A cold drink with a double espresso shot base, then mix with orange juice, unsweetened cacao powder, caramel, ice cubes and some milk on top.
Great, very inventive and good looks. A bit comparable to our Iced Americano, but sweeter and fruitier. Good job Pat.

Than it was time for Annelies and her sister Catherine. 'Iced Speculate'. A redesign of our Italiano, or an espresso shot blended with lots of quality vanilla ice cream, milk and some kind of gingerbread (speculoos). Fantastic!

3rd was the group of Nina and Christina ; young and lovely students who are the perfect type of new styled coffee bar visitors. Their 'invention' was called 'Siberian Sweetheart'. Two shots of our famous espresso, one scoop of ice cream with some American cookie crunch, cream and again some cookie crunch and chocolate syrup on top. Yes!

4th man in the battle was Björn. A young man who, the same as Patrick, can say he was there 5 years ago when i was standing all alone behind the bar, waiting for costumers. Björn is 5 years later still coming and on Friday he prepared a very original drink with crunched Werchters bonbons, a strong Mokka Harrar Lungo, topped with some foamy milk and chocolate syrup. Damned good cup of coffee it was.

Last but not least we had the cockroach gang. 3 friends who invented a bizar coffee drink with Indian cockroaches. Luckily this wasn't their selected drink that night. 'Da Mintzkoff' was the name and the cup was filled with good espresso, an After Eight (mint)chocolate, cream and cocos syrop on top. The taste was a mixture of Colgate tooth paste and strong coffee. Surprisingly good though!

And the winner is : Iced Speculate. Now for 5 months on the menu at Hopland 46. Check it out!

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