Sunday, June 8, 2008

Probat Coffee Roasting Book

I received this book from Jan and Ingrid when they came over to enjoy the Barista Jam a couple of weeks ago.
Jan and Ingrid are doing the distribution, maintenance and revisions of all Probat equipment and already asked me a couple of times if i were interested in starting up a coffee roasting project.

Of course i've been thinking about it, but the deeper i think the more i start to understand how difficult this roasting job can be. I guess it's better to stick to our specialty and that's most of the work in between the roaster and the consumer drinking the cup.
On top of that i have day after day an incredible admiration of the job my roasting is doing. Week by week he is giving me this great quality consistency. Again last Saturday with the delivery of 16 kilo's Papua New Guinea. Unfortunately i don't have exact region or estate information, but the coffee is brilliant! And within the delivery 4 new Santos samples from Efico. No photo's of these, but the tests are only half way, so maybe more later on.

About the book : i started to read it with a lot of enthusiasm, but once the scientific talk kicks in it's all over for me. It's possible to read it trough, but even before turning the page i've already forgotten what they said. Not my cup of tea ; way too technical.
But a good book for those who like to start roasting. I don't know where they sell it, but i do know it's on my bookshelf at Hopland for those who might be interested ....

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