Sunday, June 22, 2008

Belgium 19th

Congrats Detlev on finishing 19th with 605,5 points. A truly great performance it was, certainly for a first timer on this big stage with all camera's and press following.

While I'm eating my hat noticing Kyle G (8th) didn't make it to the finals - was he too cold or didn't his espresso's come out?- the finals are running right on this moment.
I'm proud remarking I had predicted 4 out of the 6 finalists. Peter's Mexico didn't come trough unfortunately. Yung was fantastic in the series and is a logical 5th. But then the big surprise ; Liesbeth Sleijster. I've seen her often but never talked to her and now I think that's a pity cause she had such a relaxed and natural style that I would like to know more about her. Gefeliciteerd in ieder geval Liesbeth en ik beloof dat ik in de zomer richting Nijmegen kar voor een espressootje! Yes, that was a Dutch intermezzo.

Now the finals : simul spro (simultanious shot processing or all 4 espresso's running at the same time) for Stephen M. using the Anfim Super Caimano Coffee Grinders - I think he's going to win.

Later on more.

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