Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stephen and His Hopper

Stephen and his hopper
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Stephen Morrisey from Ireland is the WBC 2008.

He's on a whole lot of photo's on coffee blogs around the world and he will be on a lot more from now on.
Was it the way the coffee was ground, the fantastic blend Square Mile roasted, the nice latte art, the 3 espresso's in one hand, the original signature drink, all his experience or his incredible cool?
When Steffen Schwartz (Coffee Consulate) and I were standing in front of Stephen Morrisey on Thursday, we saw him practicing new art patterns and Steffen was telling me he found out why Stephen was always that relaxed ..... 'It's because he's a musician'.
Was that his extra weapon?
But a very very nice Barista representative for the upcoming year for sure.
Congrats Stephen with your world crown and I hope to meet you (again) one day or another.
(for more info you can click here for an older Antwerp Barista article and funny photo of Stephen Morrisey or directly click his blog)

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