Friday, August 29, 2014

LGB Summer1 testing lab, by Big G

Blackjack (on Hydra Synesso)

Extraction Yield18.9 %
TDS8.0 %
Dose Weight16.1 g
Brew Water Weight54.4 g
Beverage Weight38.1 g
Measured EXT
Measured TDS
Measured BEV
Liquid Retained Ratio1.20
Moisture0.0 %
CO20.0 %

Shot Details
Temperature92.3 °C
Pressure9.0 Bars
Time30 secs
Roaster NameCaffenation
Roast StyleMedium - Dark
GrinderAnfim Supercaimano
Grind SettingFine
Roast Date20 aug. 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Iced Coffee is the new Gold

I've been posting a lot on iced coffee brewing the last couple of years. And when I look into the coffee market's future, i guess this is just the beginning of a new coffee era, with Iced Coffee as the corner stone of business.

We've been starting to sell Cold Brew iced coffee last year. We knew how it worked, but it was just the first summer we had it on the menu. Of course we always had our frappaccino's and iced americano's, but black and pure and iced was something new.

This year we changed the recipe and started to bottle it. We don't do Cold Brew anymore, but prefer to brew on ice. This way we have a 'less-flat' taste.

The succes of all iced coffee, with or without milk is unstoppable. This very long but interesting article on The Atlanctic website is a must read.

We are bit by bit convinced this 'iced coffee movement' could be major for us as well and we are in full prep to elarge our quantity's and distribution platform for 2015.
There's even a possibility we are going to serve all our iced coffees with the same base. This means a Iced Mochaccino (frappé) will be prepped with the brewed iced black as well.

Also the Soft Drink menu will be reviewed and tuned with iced black inspired drinks.

Yes, it feels like this episode is solid enough to get us going for while.