Sunday, June 1, 2008

Anfim Grinders Arrival

Simply the best!
That's my first impression on the newly arrived Anfim grinders.
We have a Super Caimano with Titanium blades and Timer and a Caimano regular on board since Thursday.
Finer particles, less noise, great dosing, nice looks (certainly in black - the inox one disappoints) and most of all very consisting taste because of not overheating. Off course we're not the biggest espresso bar in the world, but with our previous House Blend grinder, the Mahlkonig K30 we had constant problems with over heating. Then MK is telling us to buy one with cooling, but why do i have to pay double compared to Anfim?

I guess it's way too early for final conclusions. Mostly it's only after half a year or so we can come with more specific talk, but the first tests are stunning. From the first shot on i had more dept and detail in our espresso. I have to admit that for the Daterra i couldn't taste something extra but our House Blend came out very very well. When clients ask you why it tastes so good without noticing new equipment.....

On Saturday, when we pull shots at a very high tempo, we had same taste in the morning, at noon and still late in the afternoon. Everyone in the specialised coffee world knows this is what we dream of.
After our spectacular Teflon coated portafilters we accomplished another major breakthrough quality wise.

Soon i'll order the home version - Best model - and a grinder on demand with brackets.
To be continued.....

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