Monday, April 6, 2009

Honduras on the Rise?

For years we used Honduras coffee's in our blend, but not as Specialty Coffee.
Sweet Maria's (who made the map) tells us that their main problems are logistics and the processing of the beans.
But things are changing.
To begin with their Cup of Excellence program.

And this Reuters article in Flex-News-Food shows Honduras has the plan to push their Specialty's up to 20% of their total volume by the year 2010.

In Belgium the Honduras is traded a lot, but till today actually only for it's price ; it's cheaper then beans from neighbour coffee country's as Guatemala and Nicaragua.
We used Honduras not so much and only for blending between the months of March and November. Two years ago we had this fantastic Honduras Lempira SHG. Wonderful results, but never saw a bean that lost their taste so quickly. Six month after crop arrival the taste was gone.

Looking forward for more and better Honduras (still at a great price?).....

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