Saturday, April 18, 2009

Atlanta arrival

Atlanta we made it
Originally uploaded by reggietamper
Stole this photo from the 'reggietamper' flickr account.
Noticed I forgot my small cable to transfer photo's onto my laptop. Maybe a good thing..... Inside (competition) photo's is not my specialty.

Just arrived after a long flight.

I'm lucky my hotel is a couple of blocks away from the world center.

Went quickly to the Coffee Kids event. Known that I'm the biggest Belgian contributor (also the smallest actually, since nobody else is donating, ..... a shame!) I thought it was up to me to represent the country.

Met Melanie and Peter. They had great reactions on the show yesterday. Thumbs up for a place in the finals. You never know.

Now a shower and on my way to Octane for some coffee and coffee people.

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