Sunday, April 12, 2009

Origin Coffee Roasters South Africa

When you're on a espresso bar/coffee run in South Africa Capetown : Origin is the place to be.

Bird went there last month and was astonished by their coffee's, atmosphere and friendliness.

He brought along a couple kilo's of goodies. Well done B.

The Origin Espresso Blend is a mix of different single estates roasted with the highest precision and this you can taste. I have to admit that this is the kind of upper class blend I'm looking for. Lots of details and all of them on the right place. The South African Barista Champ, Ishan Natalie, is going to Atlanta with coffee from Origin. With a blend like this, coupled with great crafts mans ship he can score high.

We had also a Dominican Republic and a Ethiopian Sidamo on the Anfim. Both fantastic single origin coffee's roasted and packed to perfection.

But the coffee that was beating the s... out of us was the Rwanda Musasa. We couldn't stop drinking this wonder of nature. Deep sweet asparagus mixed with dark quality chocolate and raw can sugar. Unbelievable. I understand this taste subscription may sound a little bit weird and unbelievable to some of you, but it was all there and tasted great. At least to us and most of the clients, although some were a bit offended by this crazy bean and said it had nothing to do with coffee. I can understand this. It's a bit like the molecular kitchen. You love it or you hate it.

It brought back memories to our first 'crazy' bean we encountered at the cupping table : the Ethipian Idido Mistey Valley from Stumptown. Or more recently a natural Yirgacheffe from the same exporter : Bagersh.
You taste a lot of things you usually never taste in coffee and it asks a certain flexibility from you and your buds.

Great job Origin Roasters. And you may always send us some samples to cup for you. :-)

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