Sunday, October 14, 2007

Honduras coffee

A very fascinating coffee country, but didn't really expect to be found of Honduras coffee. Never tasted anything very spectacular, but it all changed a couple of months ago as it noticed some good progression on their quality and the fact i was on the lookout for a good blender. And that's their force.

In revanche of the country surrounding Honduras they do not have the knowledge and infrastructure to offer us top single origins. Today you see some Cup Of Excellence production, but it's not one of those we present today.

As i explained earlier on it was a very tough call to know what we had in our hands exactly, and i'm still doubting.
HONDURAS LEMPIRA from the COCPROCAL CORPORATION, a small corporation founded in 1999 and with 42 men and 6 women one of the smaller in Honduras. I guess it's from this area and probably i know more about it soon, but for now the most important thing is the taste of course.

Lempira is nation's currency, but also a coffee region producing excellent beans.
Grown in between 1500 and 2000 metres high (SHG or Strictly High Grown) the beans have a all around taste with low acidity and very mild finish.
We needed a bean to get the percentage of Santos lower and replace our Italian Roast, which at 20 % and with latin, robusta and Java beans was still very important in the mix.
The former House Blend was surprisingly tasteful seen the short comings : Our Santos share was, with 25 % too high, the Robusta (at 5%) was a tad too bitter and gave some air bubbles in the cappuccino's and the color derivations in roast was causing irregular foam colors.

Problem solved with this Honduras, coupled with the good old Yirgacheffe, El Salvador Picacho and ... Brazil Santos, still there with 10% as a miracle binder.

No more sales talk now and time for you guys to taste the New House Blend. Or at the Caffenation bar or somewhere else. Someone need a sample? Mail me :


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