Friday, April 3, 2009

Espresso for Artists

Lots of young artists at the espresso bar. All kinds of artists. Young and old. Male and Female.

The most active and spoken off must be Benjamin Verdonck.

Last month he has this very spectacular project around the corner. A big bird died in an accident and was covered up with a white blanket. Around the dead bird, police who had to keep the audience at distance. That was talk of the town for a day and Benjamin came in every other hour for another espresso kick since he worked all night long at this project. Splendid.

This week we notice a couple blocks away a big pink ball on a well known statue. We were all wondering who did it, but it didn't take long for Benjamin to show up and asking us if we saw it already.
Conclusion : Drink Caffenation House Blend for good inspiration. :-)

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