Monday, April 20, 2009

The New World Barista Champion is Gwilym Davies

They did it again.
Who's 'they'?
James and Annette.
James Hoffmann and Anette Moldvaer. 3 years in a row James won or trained the winner. 3 years in a row Anette selected and roasted the beans. Unbelievable but true.

I think coffee was even a bigger winner today. The top 3 really highlighted the coffee, the holy bean, what you can do with it ; what tastes you may get out of it.

They finished very very close to one another and were a joy to watch.

3rd finisher Michael Phillips made endless combinations with his Rwanda Maraba. He changed doses for every drink, extraction times and even grinder settings!!!
I think he didn't win because he was a little bit too undefined (we couldn't hear what he was saying) and a big bit too nervous. Never seen such an experienced competitor shaking this way. It can't be he didn't make a couple of small mistakes because of that.

2nd finisher Sammy Piccolo did a fantastic, transparent and well balanced show. The Costa Rica-Ethiopia shots looked great and he's a brilliant talker and performer.
This is the 3rd time he's the runner up - once he was 3rd! Lot's of people wanted him to win, but again .... he didn't.
Well, I compared him up front with snooker player Jimmy White. He was always second, but year after year his popularity increased.
Plus, the champ won't be back next year. The vice champ can always come back. I hope so. Please Sammy.

1st place for Gwilym Davies. One pair of shots was running a too slowly and he had to redo them. Therefor he ran short in time. He could have done it in time, but instead of raising his hand he continued his story. It's about coffee, not winning. Respect! And he won anyhow. Never seen before.
I spoke with a judge afterwards and asked what was so special about it. And it was the taste! This Colombian Huila was a big fruit bomb and by far the best shot of all.
Congratulations England ; this is something!!!!
And if I see his age ; I could start dreaming about a come back.

NOT. :-)

Thanks for the photo WBC blog photographer.
For more info about the finals, click this link.

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