Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Flat Cap in New York

I had to laugh with James telling on his flickr account he was thinking to put on a flat cap as well.

The day after Glilym winning the championship I bought myself a flat cap. I wanted it for years and this was the ideal moment.
Hoping to be a better Barista now.

"Photo, photo!" I hear ya all screaming now, but problems with the camera connection, so...

In stead of getting bored in Atlanta I only went to see the last 2 days and combined it with a city trip to my favourite city : NEW YORK CITY.

As always the city's very vibrant and inspirational. I easily dare to say I always had my best idea's in this city. First some input in Atlanta, then NYC. We have a meeting next week to start the training for the Belgian BC, which is going to be early this year (October 1). I'll have plenty of things to say to my trainees. Good!

If 'flat cap' would mean a flat white cappuccino then I'm not hoping to encounter some more today. I do want to taste gorgeous coffee and count on Grumpy, Ost and 9th street to brew me some.
Time to hit the street of Manhattan.
ps : beautifull flat cap pile flickr photo from LondonSLR. Great shot. Thanks

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