Thursday, April 16, 2009

Where's Nana?

Your Antwerp Barista is still at home. Trying to watch the US Live Stream.
One way or another I managed to miss Melanie and Sander. How stupid. Hopefully they show us delayed video's later on.
Saw photo's and a brief explanation of their performance. Nice job by both the Flemish and the Dutch Barista. Congrats.
For those interested : the live feed.
Or the Barista Mag pasteboard.

Did catch our South African Barista. I told earlier this week that he would bring along some great Origin Roasts. But not only his beans were very convincing, also his show was splendid. What a natural flair.
A name to remember : Ishan Natalie.

Strolling through the field of competitors I missed the German candidate.
After some research I spotted this Twitter message from James.

Nana-Holthausen Vehse would have been the participant with the nicest name, but unfortunately the German Barista champ couldn't find enough funding to fly over the ocean towards Atlanta. Yes, it's shocking. A 80 million people country with such an upcoming coffee culture and good Barista's ..... and no money!!??

Tomorrow on the 6.10 AM bus to the airport for my Continental flight. Exciting.
Cu in Atlanta.

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