Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coffee's of the Year 2008

Here we are with a Top 10 list of the best (espresso) coffee's of the year at Caffenation.

This year we bought a couple very fine single origins from Phoenix Trading Company, at 3 and 7 and mixed in at 6.

Efico traded the numer 2 and some of the X-mas blend.

We had a couple of very appriciated gifts, at 5, 8, 9 and 10. These 4 we didn't roast ourselves.

And last but most definitely not least, greens we chipped over from Hasbean, numbers 1 and 4.

Our TOP 10 :
1) Finca San Francisco Tecuamburro Guatemala (roasted by Jean)
It all starts with pleasant mouthfeel, very present top class acidity, dazzling mix of fruits, deep creamy chocolate tones and an aftertaste that keeps a lot of this on your tongue for a very long time. Very complex and every shot again opens up new taste details.
On lighter roast this one is a stellar Press or Filter coffee as well. Well done Sergio!
2) Daterra Yellow Bourbon Brazil
3) Papua New Guinea (unfortunately no more specs available)
4) Hasbean's Premium Espresso Blend (roasted by Jean)
5) Fazenda Cachoeira Espresso Brazil (roasted by Ecco Los Angeles)
6) Caffenation X-Mas Blend
7) Everest SHG El Salvador
8) Harrar Little Horse Ethiopia (roasted by Knopes Luxemburg)
9) Square Mile Espresso Blend # 1 (roasted by Anette M. London)
10) Epic Espresso (roasted by 49th Parallel Roasters Vancouver)

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