Thursday, December 4, 2008

Belgian Barista Championship Preview

Tomorrow it's time to perform. To pull those deep tasting espresso's, serve velvety soft cappuccino's and arty coffee creations.
13 participants. 11 rookies!!! Patrick and François were there last year, and although Patrick had a higher score than François, it's the last one that's my favourite for the title. This man from Luxembourg has the style, experience, beans and latte art technique to win and perform for Belgium in Atlanta.
For the rookies : if the two guys above make (big) mistakes, everything is possible. Exciting.

Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight.
Katrien is performing at noon, Jessie at 1.30.

Meanwhile I want to get non professional coffee lovers heads together at Caffenation Hopland on Sunday 14 for another Barista Jam. Start 7 in the evening.
Interested? mail me : caffenation at gmail dot com
Duration 2 hours. Price : less than nothing. :-)

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