Friday, December 5, 2008

Melanie Nunes new Champ

Here on a row the competitors with winner Melanie in the middle, Stefaan next to her was 2nd and Jessie (in blue) 3rd. Yes!
4th was (with hat) François Knopes and our Katrien nicely 5th. Well done girls.
Best sig drink and cappuccino for Melanie and, now it comes, best espresso for Jessie with our House Blend. I always wanted to compete with our regular House Blend. I think we can score higher with (expensive) specialty beans, but I want our clients and everyone in the world bring a very high standard blend within everybody's (financial) reach. And this way we can show it is a damn good blend. And of course a damn good Barista who pulls the shots.

Tomorrow a bigger post about the other Barista's and some comments on the new rules and questions about the competition in general.

To finish of : the Latte Art competition is won, again, by Peter Hernou. Congrats Peter (on the right of the photo) on the win, and can you tell me now what those funky black 'stones' in your blend were?

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