Thursday, April 10, 2008

El Salvador Everest SHG

Via El Salvador SCAA man Luis Rodriguez i was able to track down this new El Salvador SHG.
It's unbelievable how these traders offer one year a Picacho from South El Salvador and the year after a totaly different one. And then they tell us the new El Salvador is in the house. Not very professional if you ask me. Of course this Latin American country is stuffed with top class beans, but how can it be they present us a so-called comparable bean, but finally with a different character.

The luck is with us and the new El Salvador coming in is this Everest SHG. It's a washed and comes from farms 1200 meters above sea level and higher. The harvest starts in late December and ends in March. The farms are located on the Apaneca-Ilamatepec mountain range. This is very closeby the Santa Ana vulcano, where the most of the Cup Of Excellence beans come from. And this we can taste.

It's a bourbon bean.
Bourbon coffee is named for the island of Bourbon (now called Reunion) where it was originally cultivated.
Bourbon coffees, especially those from El Salvador, are neotypical Central American coffees.
They are bright, aromatic, balanced, semisweet or bittersweet, chocolaty and have a creamy mouthfeel.
Aida Battle, who's one of the persons working night and day to offer us all these beauties, made a special Reserva last year that scores a 92,7 at the Sweet Maria cupping table. Of course, ours is a 'commercial' bag and not with this enormous potential, but well worth the money and excellent for espresso. Good mouthfeel, balanced fruity flavors, mediocre acidity and nice finish. That's all we need and definetely good enough to take 30 % in our newest House Blend.

Thanks Luiz, Aida and SM for all this info, and for those who are intersted, every week lots of fresh El Salvador is coming in at a selling price of 16 euro's a kilo. Recommended!

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