Sunday, December 21, 2008

Faema For Sale

This photo from last week is probably going to be one of the last shots I took from this Faema 91 Ambassador. We continue with our second 3-group 91 at the Oever location, but this one is for sale.
In Jan our La Marzocco comes in - finally - and this 1 year and 7 months old machine goes out.
It's of course in perfect condition still pulling hundreds of shots a day and steaming tens of liter of milk a day.
For me it was always a joy to work with it. Very stable temperature, easy in use, easy to clean and maintain, huge steaming capacity, fast steaming, not too noisy, big cup shelf space and a very good follow up from the Faema boys.

Why we change?
I guess the La Marzocco is a better milk texturing machine. And a little bit faster as well. Maybe there are other advantages or even disadvantages, but it's mostly for the steaming we need to improve.
Price new should be something around 6000 euro's. We bought it in May 2007 for 5000 and are selling it now half price, € 2500. That's approximately the price of a new 1 group Faema. So, for those who think of being in need of a big machine .... It's certainly going to impress your clients. Mail me at caffenationatgmaildotcom.
More info about this nice piece of equipment, click this.

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