Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Coffee's

Last week we had a couple of very interesting coffee's on the menu.

Jeff went to Copenhagen and the Coffee Collective.
There he met Linus, who sold him a big bag of the CC espresso. Alongside he was so generous to offer a bag of Ecco Caffè Fazenda Cachoiera Espresso.
Well done Linus!

I heard some good things about this company before and was finally able to test one of their beans. The Brazilian Ecco was a big hit among our Espresso lovers. Very full taste for a Single. Powerful, chocolate en super clean. We liked it a lot.
What they call Northern Italian Roast is a dark roast for us. A tad too dark to my own likings. A bit comparable in roasting style and taste as the Peet's I once had. I guess i like it, although we tend to go a tad lighter. But it isn't easy. If i remember the Terroir NIR, that one was lighter, but didn't do it at all for me. Hm, difficult.
For those who are interested in knowing more about it, or who want to buy some :
Ecco Caffè California USA.
Once again we were able to enjoy the Coffee Collective Espresso Blend.
Although this company is barely one year old, we have been drinking a lot of their roasts.
And we certainly hope to keep on doing so in the near future.
Can you send us a bag of the new Finca Vista Hermosa crop please?

From the trade show at the WBC in Copenhagen I picked up two microlot samples from Panama.
I was really looking forward to taste them, but couldn't find what i was looking for ; something like the Esmeralda or Santa Helena? Probably also due to the roast that was unfortunately a bit off.
I did quiet OK on espresso though.
Thanks Cafetales Don Alfredo and Verde Rey for the samples.

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