Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Starbucks Belgium Visit

  • Before hopping on my flight to Ethiopia I had the opportunity to visit the first Starbucks of our country.
    It's a company I know very well, but it feels strange they are among us now. It's not directly as an invasion, and I think it's more positive than negative, but still I have my questions. The problem with this company is that most of the people in Belgium think this is Coffee Nirvana, but at the end this can be seen as a positive thing as well maybe.
  • Anyhow, my visit : It was a bit late for Isabel to drink some caffeine loaded drinks, so I just went in for a solo ride. What should I take? Since I didn't drink a decent milk based drink at Bux in years I decided to go for the brew of the day. Estima, brewed on a filter machine delivered and installed by Limarc. Not a bad word about the machine or supplier. Unfortunately a couple bad words about the coffee.
  • First the girls were not well informed about the coffee. One said it was mild and the other girl said it was strong and without cacao taste. I didn't care what they said, but they did. So meanwhile filling my take away cup they kept on discussing the taste the Estima should give. With a smile on my face I tell them I would decide for them about the taste and pay my €2,40 for a small coffee.
Although I know the American way of life and food and drinks, it's still unfamiliar to see how big, I mean huge, a small cup of American coffee can be!

My taste experiences : Burnt, Rubber and Headache came up first. Then I started looking for a garbage can. Bring on the Clover guys ; maybe that's going to help. I said maybe.

Besides of that cup, the experience wasn't unpleasant. The looks and feel of the place was cosy and way better than the Schiphol bars or the bar Java Coffee is running at the Arrivals. And Maya, my friend, Caffenation client for years, and now working for Starbucks, was welcoming me at the entrance. Super girl. Luckily for her she doesn't drink coffee. : )

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