Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Scandinavian Invasion

Nice when you clients become friends and fanatic and friendly enough to buy in some nice beans. Today i ran the business at Caffenation II (Oever 18) and within the first half hour Dimitri and Jeff dropped me some nice coffee.
Dimitri just came back from Oslo. I asked him to bring along some TW beans. And so he did. Normally this should be our Espresso of the week for the last days of the year. To look forward for myself and surely a damn good reason for anyone in Antwerp to drop by for a sip of the Master, Tim Wendelboe's top blend. "I'll do my best not to spoil anything and pull the shots the best we can Tim".
Jeff bought a couple of Coffee Collective bags. Since we have our own Daterra from the next week on it was a pity he didn't order anything different. On the other hand it's maybe cool to compare AKC's roast, i helped tuning on the right roasting degree, with the one from this famous Danish company.
We tried the Daterra Espresso blend today. Very well. Nice balance and lots of fruit, although i missed a bit of body in my shots. Too blue?

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