Sunday, December 9, 2007

Coffee is a natural product ...

.... and it's changing all the time.
And so does our House Blend.

This week our roaster called to tell me we ran out of El Salvador.
The El Salvador Picacho SHG is our second most important bean, so you can speak of a problem.
There are more top class El Salvador beans in the warehouses in the port of Antwerp, but till today i found ours with the best price-quality report.

Meanwhile it was a struggle yesterday helping ourselves with a Costa Rica/Guatemala mixture to replace the Picacho. We're hoping to have a new El Salvador coming in at the end of the week. Probably we go for the Gourmet, which is the same region, but from a higher plateau. I definitely has something extra in taste, but .... one Euro more expensive a kilo!

I guess it's normal for a 3rd wave shop in 2007 you have to switch on and on between the freshest beans available. New Picacho stock is for seen for the beginning of March. But what about the quality? And price?
To be continued....

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