Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My neighbour's Gothot roaster

Thisisamustseeroaster ; At Caffenation Oever, nearby the famous Kloosterstraat, we are neighbours of one of the oldest Antwerp roasters : Jespers.

Over a couple of generations these people are roaster with this very old Gothot roaster. They have it standing in the window of their supermarket!
For years and years i loved the sight and smell of it when i walked or biked the street, and now i opened an espresso bar next door.

First of all, we do not sell retail at Oever, so it's not our goal to become of any competition for Jespers. And secondly they are not focused on espresso. I'm totally not saying it's a bad or a good roaster. I still have to find out, but the beans they buy and the roasts they do is not in the line of a 3rd wave espresso bar.

Meanwhile a merry X-mas to each one of you. Enjoy your Christmas coffee's.

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