Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brazil Camocim Organic and Daterra

Look what came in from Has Bean Statford England : a Brazil Camocim Peaberry Organic. The same Serge from AKC was talking about a while ago, when he came back from Brazil.

And we liked it in the cup.

Light body (oh yes there we missed something), wooden undertones, very smokey, sweet wood, cloves and unfortunately too bitter cooled down.

This is just another example of the many fantastic beans these regions are offering.

Today i went to AKC to taste the Brazil Daterra. They ordered a whole container and i was proud i had the opportunity to test the bean on different roastings.

Finally we decided to pick the medium roast. This is not a bean for dark roast i guess. We had a lot of talking on the Terroir forum about the roasting angle and after today i have to admit that what they called the North Italian style is ideal to get all the sweet out for a perfect balanced cup of espresso, cause an espresso bean, that's what it is primarily. Soon more when the stock comes in (the week of Christmas it should be).

Also at AKC we sampled a Nepal, which tasted a bit like a light Sumatra ; very ok.

And a 25 minute roast blend, that lost all details in this long process.

And 4 flavored coffee's from Carrefour. Yes it was flavored and not our cup of tea :-), but fresher and better balanced than expected. Maybe soon an article.

And a Brazil Santos Astrid on espresso, that blew my mind. I didn't like it on the cupping table and couldn't understand why Efico promotes this bean that hard. But right here right now it was way better than any other Santos in this price range. Off course, the guys from AKC know how to roast!

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