Saturday, December 22, 2007

Our Portaflon Portafilter

What do you c? Is Caffenation going La Marzocco? Yes and no. We go Portaflon Portafilter or Teflon coated Portafilter and they only make it on La Marzocco Portafilters, this one fitting on Faema machinery.
I was waiting for a long time when finally my Swedish friends shipped over this famous tool, and i'm enchanted about the result. I guess you start tasting iron and sours already after 30 shots and i get really bored of brushing out all these portafilters 10 times a day. This Portaflon technique is the solution to this problem.

On the photo you see the results after a full day of work. Isn't that magnificent? I'm very happy with this tester and can't wait to order more. Thanks Jens for this fantastic piece of equipment, and i'll get it touch with you soon for the doubles.

On Jim Seven and probably on other forums as well, they've been discussing the health aspects of this new coating. The contra thinking people got a point, but now i see the result in my hands, and knowing the fact that this Teflon isn't heating up too high i can't believe it would do any harm to our health.
With the single shot PF the average taste with Portaflon is way better. Compare it with cooking and the idea you would use the same pan over and over without cleaning. What would taste the best ; the clean one or the dirty one?
This all doesn't mean i like Teflon coated pans. I think they're only useful for omelets and pancakes. For espresso machines though....
La Marzocco is even considering offering these portafilters and Teflon coated steam wands as an option on their new machinery. Interesting .... and recommendable.

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