Saturday, December 1, 2007

Peet's Coffee

USA Import these days at Caffenation.

Friday morning these three bags arrived.

In the past i sometimes made the mistake to keep special bags for special occasions, but those days are over. The fresher the better, so not letting tomorrow disturb today's party and crack those bags is my advise!
So we threw them immediately on the Macap for our espresso/lungo of the week menu.

Starting with the Major Dickason's.
Very good beans. Dark roast, but one way or the other it works. Full strong taste with a sublime smooth clean finish.
Then the Arabian Mocha Java.
People adore it. It's scratching and feeding all the taste buds. Very full and complex with lots of chocolate, spices and earth tastes. As usual i'm not so found of the Java part, but who am i? :-)

Tomorrow we launch the House Blend. Curious....

This, i think, is a fantastic way to introduce the people here to what quality coffee in the States is called in 2007.
Peet's Coffee.

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