Thursday, December 13, 2007


It is 1961 Faema writes an important page in its own history and in that of espresso coffee machines by introducing the E61.

Since a couple of years Faema is promoting the new edition in two versions. The one on the photo is the 'Jubilé' and is automatic, and the 'Legend', the one that comes very close to the original.
Paulo, the technical director of Dalla Corte, told me his father builded the original machine, and inside there are definitely a couple of changes, but of course, it's still one of the finest machines on the market.

In Antwerp, where folks buy the E61 mainly for design, the sales go really well. For myself, i adore pulling shots with it, but for textering milk i prefer the newer techniques.

Here a list from espresso passione with all domestic and some professional machines that have the E61 group head build in.

For people interested in buying one : Faema Mertens Antwerp.

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