Sunday, May 13, 2007

Steep, brew, sip and chew

On my search on the internet i sometimes heard American bloggers talking about a new style coffee house called 3 cups.
Here it is :
The Courtyard of Chapel Hill
431 West Franklin St.
at Roberson Street
in Downtown Chapel Hill

What's so special about it?
They don't use an espresso machine. In stead of that they swear by the French Press - they call it press pot - and manual drip.
The shop seems to be most definitely worth a visit for all press lovers. I won't say i don't like it, i'm just an espresso man. For me these are two totally different approaches on coffee brewing.
Nevertheless i think this 3 cups format is a good initiative to get people aware of were coffee comes from and what kind of taste it carries inside.

I need to add, on the photo it doesn't seem to be as funky as the new 'Gimme!' in Manhattan. It looks more like an old England tea house. Mmm, why not?

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