Friday, May 4, 2007

Barista jam NP 3 - report

We had three times 18 persons over on three sunday mornings in the month of april. Three non-professional barista jams. Not only for the participants, but also for us it was a great time and learning experience.

It was striking to see the people bowing over my coffee world map. Maybe looking for area's they've been visiting themselves or in search of the exact location of the Harar area.

It was great to see their faces after tasting a clean house blend shot, very fanatically hoping to find all tastes promised by us.

It was a bit of a surprise how few people ever saw how green coffee beans look like.

And what it means of having medium or dark roasts. How beans crack, evaporate and change looks and taste over time.

We were enchanted about how willing they were to take stand behind the machine for tamping and steaming advice and practising.

Haike, Marco, Tim, Stijn, Dieter, Bo, Walter, Myriam, Benno, Kurt, Fré, Frank, Geerte, Saartje, Karl, Thomas, Eric and Michael. Thanks for coming and hopefully you learned stuff you'll never forget. Spread the word and our goal to get people in Belgium drinking better coffee comes closer and closer and closer and .....


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