Saturday, May 12, 2007

New (summer) Menu

Every first week of may our summer menu takes over the winter one.

As usual a new fresh colour and new recipes.

The biggest change on the menu is the decision to swop blends.
In the past we used our Master Blend (mainly Yirgacheffe Ethiopia and Santo Domingo Organico) for espresso, machiato, milk based drinks with chocolate and all iced coffee's. And our Italian Roast Espresso Blend for ristretto, cappu's and latte's. Besides of that we use our BIG Ditting for lungo Brazil Santos and Decaf grinding, a Mazzer mini electronic grinder for the House Blend in big cups and a similar grinder for Mokka Harrar single origin on espresso, lungo Harrar and a sig drink with espresso, 12,50 gram of dark Belgian chocolate and cinnamon.

Today we got rid of the Italian Roast and Master Blend, all replaced by our new House Blend, fine grind on a Mahlkonig K30 grinding on demand.
The left over space is taken in by our Macap grinder for Espresso and/or Lungo of the week.

Later on we inform you on regular bases about our weekly specialty's.

New on the menu, besides of the above written, is a nice cioccolato machiato (machiato with 12,50 grams of Belgian Milk Chocolate), Iced Dolce (iced latte with extra cream and cinnamon sugar), Iced Spiced Latte (with extra spicy monin syrup) and the infamous Italian Soda, besides of the Chai Latte omnipresent in most 3rd wave espresso bars.
All to go or to stay.

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