Friday, May 25, 2007

Friday afternoon cupping

Very busy friday. People stormed in right after opening doors at 9 AM.
Halfway afternoon there was this small dip and one glance at this Cup Of Excellence Nicaragua from Blanche Dael was enough to get us cupping.

First we took on a Colombia Medellin, Medium Roast by AKC.
We have this one as espresso and lungo of the week. It's not every ones favorite, but a good example for what Colombian coffee can offer.
Medellin is one of Colombia's major city's and the coffee with this name from the Antioquia coffee area is one of country's most popular.
What did we taste? Clean and crisp coffee with almost no aftertaste, but nice fruit, medium mouthfeel and a light caramel toffee and bergamot notes. Nice

Then we jumped on a Sumatra. We had on Barismo big discussions on the Sumatra. I think, even if the processing can be irregular, it's always worth to give it a try. If we're looking for a good 100% arabica espresso blend, i prefer working with a Sumatra in stead of a Java or Suwalesi, although i heard they sell Old Brown Java at Hasbean. I can't follow.
Most Indonesians needs this full city roast and that's what we got. Just into the 2nd crack but nothing more thank you.
And the cupping? Very strong. The coffee attacks the taste buds immediately. It's full, dark and complex with a bit of earth and a lot of bitter (walnut like). Great to blend in i guess. We'll surely order some more to play with later on.

Finally a Cup of Excellence on the cupping table.
Last week at the Barista Party at the MmmmH we had the occasion to pick up a small bag of Nicaragua La Carolina.
I don't know why it's that lightly roasted, but we decided to pull a couple espresso shots with the Macap grinder right away.
Not drinkable. Too sourish.
Cupping : Although Nicaragua's better beans are known for their body, this one had little mouthfeel, bits of non ripe fruits and a little touch of flowers. And a very disappointing sour aftertaste.
What happened here?
Maybe i can ask the company as i'm planning to visit them one of the months, together with the city of Maastricht and some of the Coffee Lovers Baristi.

That's it for today deer coffee blog readers.
Soon more about our new Faema E91 3-group and Coffee Fiesta photo's and info. Ciao.

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