Thursday, May 17, 2007

SCAE COFFEE FIESTA this weekend.

There is a buzz in the streets of Antwerp.
Although today we're not open and very busy working at the new Caffènation, i already had the opportunity to meet participants, from all different country's, for the good spirit, cup tasting and latte art championship.
Hopefully they are going to like the city of Antwerp and the espressi we'll serving them at Hopland 46 or Oever 18. For Hopland we have besides of our House Blend and Mokka Harrar, also the superb Australian Skyburry on grinder.

Again i had the opportunity to meet Paulo and Holger from Dalla Corte who had great news regarding all novelties on the existing and future Mahlkönig and Dalla Corte equipment. And the fact the machinery is selling in over 30 country's worldwide, 2500 a year! Wow, nice start and keep up the good work.

As written on the SCAE site :

SCAE Fiesta Competitions and Conference

May 18-20, 2007 - Venue: Antwerp, Belgium


The SCAE Coffee Fiesta in Antwerp 18 - 20th May 2007 promises to be different, focusing on a number of key elements. You will experience some exceptional coffee days, during which there will be some great competitions, fascinating presentations, and much more. Here are 10 reasons why you must not miss the SCAE event of the year - The COFFEE FIESTA 2007:

  1. PRESENTATIONS - some of the best experts in the field making two very different but equally focused presentations on the speciality coffee market outlook and on traceability, both topics of real interest and a 'must-attend' for all of our members;
  2. WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS - Three Great World Championships. National champions will battle it out to be crowned the world's best. All three competitions are fast, demonstrate incredible skills and are unbelievably exciting;
  3. NETWORKING - One of the best networking opportunities available this year, giving you the chance to meet up with fellow speciality coffee professionals in Europe;
  4. WORKSHOPS - The opportunity to participate in some of the best skill-building workshops available, some of which will be presented by national or world champions;
  5. SCAE AGM - The chance to air your views on the Association and to hear from the Board of Directors on how they see the SCAE developing.
  6. SOCIAL PROGRAMME - The opportunity to enjoy a great social programme where you can meet up with fellow delegates in a relaxed atmosphere;
  7. AWARDS - The chance to see first hand those who made the shortlist and who actually won a SCAE Award for Coffee Excellence within six different categories;
  8. TABLETOP DISPLAYS- Spend some time wandering around the tabletop displays, where you will see some great new products and suppliers, all of whom are dedicated to speciality coffee.
  9. PHOTO COMPETITION - View all the photos entered into our first-ever Photo Competition and see if you agree with the panel of judges.
  10. THE CITY OF ANTWERP - And by no means last, the opportunity to see one of Europe's greatest cities. A city full of culture and history, a great place for shopping and, according to those who know, an unbelievably lively night club scene!
Why wouldn't you be there?
Because they ask a, sit down, €150 entrance fee plus extras for participating in workshops or presentations.
Unfortunately i only have a couple tickets for myself and staff, but with a bit of luck they open, last minute, doors for the championships.

(Thank you Mr. Phelps for another great Flickr picture)

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