Sunday, May 20, 2007

Latte Art World Championship

This is how the stage looked like 2 hours ago.
I don't have all the names and scores yet, but sure thing is Australia takes the world cup, before Denmark and Russia.
While i was at Caffènation with Sè, James, Anette, Friso, Onno, Jeroen, Kees and many others the competition finished of with a spectacular show from down under Jack Hanna.
Also late on stage, and therefore missed by me, was Denmark. Again a Kontra trained Barista. Not as spectacular as the Australian, but you can be sure the taste was top. Nobody is better in building championship blends than this Copenhagen roasting company.
I'll hope to find some Barista names soon.

I enjoyed watching our German competitor Christopher. Best show of the day after giving the best show on friday eve (party) as well. ;)

Then our main man Peter.
We started working together 3 years ago and step by step we worked our way up in the coffee business in general and championships in particular.
Who would have expected in those days he would ever be on this stage? And this with a fluent performance. Top ten in his first competition ever!!! Lots of risks on the macchiato. Double rosetta, nice try Peter, but i'm afraid you lost a bit on there. More than decent Cappu's and a Sig show performance par excellence. Well done Peter, and well done Benny from 'het leugenpaleis' Antwerp for finishing 7th in the Good Spirit championship.
Team gold was for Iceland.
More news about this wonderful weekend soon.

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