Saturday, May 19, 2007

Barista Party. The day after.

Last night i was so busy talking i forgot to take pictures.
Well, you have to know your priorities of course.

Never expected to meet so many coffee people in my hometown.

It all started late afternoon when Henk, Donar and others strolled in the espresso bar at Hopland.
Then by 10.30 i arrived at the MmmmmH. A tad late yes.

I do not want to write down the names, the list would be too long, but i'm going to make one exception. Finally i had the opportunity to meet James Hoffman who was here yesterday to support his girlfriend Anette, who crowned herself as the new World champion cup tasting - congratulations! and nice meeting you again. James, who will be starting sunday at the Latte Art competition. It was nice chatting and I was most suprised by his fysical presence ; he's tall, even taller then me, mm.

The most popular spot, besides the big beer fridge ;), was the Mirage 2-group. I was happy to see my man Bird taking control over the machine and competing with the others guys. Fun.
And nice to have a small talk with Kees Van Der Westen at the same time.

So, we hope to receive many of those coffee enthusiasts today at Hopland 46. Unfortunately i can't be there, cause starting up the new one, training staff, meeting people. But sunday will be my day of rendez-vous at the Hilton. I'm looking forward.

Congrats to Peter, Peter, Jeroen, Ben, Petra and the others for organizing this great party. Fantastic!

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