Monday, May 14, 2007

First Espresso/Week : Barbera Classica

See this empty bag of Barbera Classica.

When Henk from ESW Den Haag comes along for a chat and of course a couple of fresh cups, he likes to bring a present. One day it was a bag of Barbera Classica.

Two years later i'm always happy to add on my ESW order list a couple bags of Barbera. Mostly i'm not so found of Italian big factory Blends, but for the Barbera i'm willing to make an exception.

Messina 1870. The bracing air of early morning is enriched with intense fragrance in via Garibaldi where the little shop of colonial products and tobacco radiate light and aromas onto the street.
On the pavement, Domenico Barbera is roasting coffee in a small roaster, he does this every day with the meticulousness of the Piemontese, which still lives inside him, and with the cheerfulness of the Mediterranean people, which by this time he felt he had become.

Nowadays, Barbera the coffee magician, a joint-stock company since 1978, distributes its products all over the world and boats several certificates and premiums.

But surely the most important award is the unconditional consent of its customers.

Based in Arzano, the fifth generation is roasting this Napoli styled coffee with the same passion as they did the first day 137 years ago.

The taste is full and strong, lots of fruits, a touch of chocolate and it keeps its smell and aroma even in the last sip.
There is only one thing i can't wait for : that's the two bags of the Golden Barbera that are awaiting me for next month.

Espresso of the week €1,60, Doppio and Lungo €2,20.

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