Thursday, September 27, 2007

Triangle Cupping

Triangle cupping is the type of cupping done on championships.

The basic idea is you have three bowls, or glasses, to cup. Two of them are similar, one stands out, and that's the one you have to pick.

Anette Moldvaer, who won the world crown at the world championships in Antwerp earlier this year, told me it's all about practicing. So, i followed her advise and threw it into our staff social last Sunday.

These are the combinations i had on the table :
Honduras A against B. I did not have the exact region.
El Salvador Picacho against Costa Rica Tournon.
Sumatra Mandling against Sumatra Lington.
Kenya AA against Zambia AA.

From the 15 participants, there were only 2 who had 4 out of 4. And Anette is right : it were the two guys who did some practicing. Luckily i was one of them, although i need to train myself harder if i want to make a chance at the Belgian Championships November 21 in Gent.

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