Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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Frequent readers of this blog already spotted the name of a guy called Jeff before, mostly by his nick name Jazzy Jeff. He's one of Antwerps most fanatic coffee aficionado's and thanks God a good Caffenation client.
Yesterday i was happy to receive a big bag of HasBean roasts from the Fed Ex man. But the package JJ brought along was impressive as well.
Two bags from George Howell Terroir Coffee Company.

Let's go for some cupping :
Cup of Excellence Colombia El Descanso (Huila region).

Smell : Liquorice, lemon, chicory
Mouthfeel : Almost non apparent body. You directly notice this one is all about light fruit tastes.
Acidity : Fruit explosion. Citrus, mandarin, a bit of berries. Thanks to the (medium) Full Flavor Roasting.
Flavor : Very well binding of the sweet, sour and bitter.
Aftertaste : This was the most impressive part. Very clean and cooling down we were drinking the cup and it tasted like coffee lemon tea with a touch of honey. Great.

Question mark!
On my research for more information about the bean i don't see anything on the COE website.
Due to a lack of time, we haven't been to the espresso stage yet, but it's hard to see this coffee and the way it's roasted on espresso. I understand while roasting high, lots of the aroma's vanish in the air, but on their website it sounds as no problem at all to pull good espresso shots. We'll see.

Last June we were drinking from the same region the San Augustin. Then this one was five times better. But once we had the Colombia Medellin for one third of the price of this El Descanso, and with almost the same quality.
To be continued...

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