Monday, September 17, 2007

Tonx-Intelligentsia article : Latte art in LA

absurd latte art challenge

My pal James Hoffmann, who recently won the title of World Barista Champion, has thrown down the gauntlet for some equally silly barista shenanigans. His absurd latte art challenge is attracting some interesting entries, the best of which will be up for voting very soon. The exact prize is unclear, but the glory is irresistible for some. I got the privilege of photographing Ryan Wilbur of Intelli L.A.’s fully-absurd submission today.

ryan wilburs absurd latte art challenge">

barista porn.

Devin makes the sacrifice for Ryan’s art, now immortalized in jpg.

I’ve heard several baristas speak of this idea in the past, but this may be the first time its been done. Ryan’s canvas was provided by fellow barista Devin Pedde, who is recovering nicely. I took many photos of the stunt which can be found on Flickr. Some of them might even be considered a bit racy!

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At Intelligentsia Los Angeles coffee sometimes gets a whole new meaning. Not only in terms of taste, but also in looks. AWESOME.

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