Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Cupping Event Staff Social

Twice a year we try to get the group of staff together for some fun after working hours. This time i combined it with some cupping and latte art competition.
It's going to be a post in 4 parts, to start today with the regular cupping.

A large row of top class espresso beans at Caffènation this week. I thought it would be a pity not to invite some extra friends to this happening. One of the friends was also my sponsor, Jazzy Jeff, who is here on the photo with Daisy, and laughing with the kopi luwak and the whole idea behind this coffee resting on his spoon.
The whole list :
Kopi Luwak Indonesia (the all famous 'shit' coffee)
Sul De Minas Brazil
Herbazu Costa Rica (the one James Hoffmann took with him to Tokio)
Sumatra Lingtong (from Hasbean)
Australian Mountain Top (from Hasbean)
Indian Peaberry Bold
Kenya AA Top Superstar (from AKC and our espresso of the week, whoewaah!)
Pedra Preta Brazil (Terroir)

Later on the evening some more side cupping, but that's for another post.

The reactions? Very divers. Although the reactions were most positive on the Kenya and that Sul De Minas from Caffé Del Doge, i wrote about a couple of days ago.
From my side i had to notice the most of the beans were picked for espresso preparation and therefore often on the heavy side. The Indian came out better than expected and the Kopi Luwak was not worth the price, but it was a very good clean cup. On Monday we pulled one small and a couple big coffee's with it. Very very tasteful. Medium body, sweet, good balance, well dosed fruit and a super clean finish. If someone can make me a decent price for this one i'm willing to buy some bags.

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