Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Jam

Alexander looking at Pieter and Thomas.
One of the immortal moments at our 5th Barista Jam Non Professionals, and the last one in this current form.

Very nice bunch of coffee amateurs last Sunday at Caffenation.
A bit of history about the espresso, coffees of the world overview, information about the harvesting, processing and roasting, cupping 4 different varieties, cupping overview, espresso extraction theory, milk texturing, latte art and etching.
Our newest force Thomas was a very good helping hand. And my hand is that one on the photo, holding the pitcher. ;-)

This Sunday we have a staff social with some cupping (kopi luwak, Costa Rica Herbazu, Brazil Yellow Bourbon COE Pedra Preta, Sumatra Mandling, Kenya AA and many others) , triangle cupping, a blind latte art contest and some more fun, fun and fun.

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