Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sul De Minas : Weed coffee

Cupping with the friends.

We had two Sul De Minas Yellow Bourbon on the program.

First one is one from Caffe Del Doge. A Venetian Roaster with lots of specialty's. I can't find back more information about the one we had, but it was stunning.
It starts with the smell : Weed. Dutch weed, grass. I have nothing against smoking 'fun cigarettes' but are not doing it myself, but i know the smell, and that's what we had here.
The bean was a Yellow Bourbon Peaberry from Sul De Minas, i didn't even know these type peaberry existed over there. Italian Roast.
Lots of body with weed. Sweet acidity with light lemon notes. Very good binding with a bit of bitter and grass/jute aftertaste, but clean.
Very strange indeed, but everyone liked the shots we pulled. And so came in Henk from ESW who admitted we had that afternoon the smell of a Dutch Coffee House.

The second one was a George Howell product. A Cup Of Excellence winner from Brazil Sul De Minas : Pedra Preta.
Heavy Indonesian styled smell. Very prominent mouthfeel. Light citrus and stone fruit acidity. Very well balanced. Chocolate aftertaste. Clean. Heavy on the tongue.
It lost some points on the cooling down. It lost the balance it had and a not so pleasant taste of burnt caramel and spiced biscuit took over.
It scored 87, which is lower than the 92 COE score, what can be seen as normal due to the age of the beans.
Unfortunately no time for espressi from this one.

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