Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Honduras Marcala

This new crop Honduras is not a single estate, but a very careful selection of beans from the Marcala Region.

Honduras is a country that's improving on their coffee quality year after year. Our X-Mas coffee from the Pradera estate was a perfect example.
And their 2010-2011 crop is even better!

Our Marcala is a very well balanced coffee, medium body and strenght and notes of caramel, figs, nuts and honey. It's a SHG Honduras coffee and typically less acidic then most Central American coffee's. This makes it the perfect bean to blend with our African beauties.

This week this coffee is at offer for both filter and espresso. The red bags are the filter roast, the black one the espresso version. Good luck.

More info on Honduras and their coffee at this link.

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