Friday, February 11, 2011

Espresso Bar Run : Two for Joy Amsterdam

Had to meet a couple of friends in Amsterdam.
They suggested one of the newest bars in town : Two for Joy.

A couple months ago I had the pleasure to enjoy a perfect diner with wine around the corner. That day a liked the neighbourhood, a so did I the second day of Feb.

Two for Joy at the Fredriksplein 29 is a semi chique place, with a nice clientele and very friendly Barista's.

At TFJ they roast their own beans on a 1 kg Toper.
This roaster is a typical roaster if you are looking for a cheap one to start with. This doesn't mean you can't roast well on such a device.
Unfortunately I couldn't taste this in the espresso shot I was drinking. Very Italian. Not too bad, but not third wave level I think. Too Italian. :-)

They also have a slow coffee menu. We ordered two filters.
One Barista came over with two mugs with a Hario 1 filter on it. In there freshly ground. He poured in some water with the Hario Kettle and then left everything on the table. It was a bit of a do-it-yourself-filter coffee, without advise.
I didn't want to do start pouring and tasted the coffee in the cup.
The Kenya AA was over concentrated, but even when adding water I was not half as good as it could have been.
The El Salvador Pacamara was an old bean and very boring.
Sorry guys, but this should be better next time!

Even seen the fact there's still some progress to make, either on roasting and preparation, I would recommand this bar.

Top tip for the owners : Check out the local Barista or Brew Competitions?

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